Our Approach

Follow the IDEATE way

Identify the need through interviews and market research
Develop the blueprint of action plan along with strategy
Execute with the focus on the end objective and clinical details in all elements
Analyse the outcome
Train and retrain on the focus and the way to implement
Evolve the process

We at i3R Global, not only use our internal strength but also leverage on the vast pool of resources in our network to offer end-to-end management solutions. The range of offering include content management, project planning & execution, attendee management, hosted program, in-bound and out-bound trade delegation, sales support, lead generation, public relation, etc.

Apart from designing and developing customised project for its customers, i3R also evaluates other external opportunities where customer’s participation would be beneficial.

i3R Global’s services are shaped in a way that it compliments customers marketing efforts of focussing on the core business while outsourcing those non-core functions to those who have a fair understanding of the trade and can promise better ROI.


  • Reduced cost to the organisation
  • Focused and collaborative approach to provide better results with leadership excellence for faster ROI
  • Wide range of experience, cross industry knowledge, market information and established process in the structure for buyer - seller markets